Common Myths About Contact Lenses

Even after many years of contact lens availability, the public has many misconceptions about their use. Some of these misconceptions stem from the early days of contact lens technology. Other ideas are just a misunderstanding of current facts. If you have questions about contact lenses, make an appointment with an optometrist in Plano, TX to discuss your contact lens options and their use.

Contact Lenses Are Hard To Adjust To

This myth comes from the early days of contact lens technology when the lenses were made of different materials than today, and the methods of measuring the corneal surface were less sophisticated. In those days, some individuals found their contacts were uncomfortable or difficult to put in and take out. Today’s technology used for contact lens exams allows more precise measurement of the corneal surface, so you can get the most comfortable fit from your lenses. The state of the art equipment at Omni Eye Care Center will ensure that you are properly fitted for contacts even if you have irregularities of the cornea.

You Can Swim With Contact Lenses

Eye experts recommend removing your contact lenses when you swim. The pool or lake water can contain bacteria that pose a risk for eye infections. To be safe, take out your lenses while you swim. You can then put them in, using sterile solution, when you are out of the water.

You Can Sleep With Your Contact Lenses

Actually, optometrists recommend that you remove your contact lenses for sleeping. This measure will allow your corneas to rest from wear and will help to prevent eye infections. However, there is a special type of contact lens that is worn when the individual is sleeping, which may have contributed to the misunderstanding. This type of lens is used therapeutically to reshape the cornea of the eyes during the night, to allow better vision during the day.

You Can Use Saliva as Lens Solution in An Emergency

You should always use sterile contact lens solution to clean and moisten your contact lenses. Any other liquid may carry bacteria that can cause an eye infection. Carry a small container of a solution with you at all times, in your purse, briefcase or glove compartment.

Children Shouldn’t Wear Contact Lenses

Actually, many children wear contact lenses today. Getting rid of their eyeglasses often improves self-esteem and allows children to socialize more confidently. Contact lenses also allow children to participate in sports without fear of breaking their glasses or getting an eye injury from them. Generally, between the ages of 11 and 13, most children are mature enough to do the special care needed for their lenses. Children generally love their contact lenses and are enthusiastic about wearing them and caring for them.

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