How To Prepare For An Eye Exam

How to Prepare For An Eye Exam At Omni Eye Care Center in Plano, TX

If you are contemplating making an appointment with an optometrist in Plano for an eye exam, be prepared for the session so it to runs smoothly and without delay. Contacting Omni Eye Care Center in Plano, TX to meet with our staff members helps to keep your vision and eye health at its best. Here is some information to read over before your appointment to prepare you for this event.

Check On Insurance Requirements

When you give our office a call to make an appointment, inquire as to which insurance companies we work with if you are unsure whether we accept the one you use. We will alert you about other payment options if your insurance is not a provider that works with our company. If we do accept your insurance, be sure to bring along your card so we have the necessary information to make a claim in your behalf during or after your appointment.

Bring Along Vision History Information

If you have been to an optometrist in the past, and you are a new patient, it is best to bring along any information passed along to you by your old practitioner. This information gives us a starting point to determine your eye health needs. It will also alert us about any medical conditions that require special treatment.

Know The Type Of Eye Exam Desired

If you are interested in obtaining contact lenses during your eye exam, we need to know this before it is conducted. There are special tests that we need to run to help fit contact lenses in your eyes as needed. You can still get an eye exam for glasses during the session, however, a contact lens fitting portion requires a few extra steps. Afterward, we will assist in helping you select glasses frames or contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

Contact Our Omni Eye Care Center in Plano, TX Today!

If you are interested in making an appointment for an eye exam, contact Omni Eye Care Center to meet with our optometrist in Plano. To find out availability, simply give us a call at (972) 985-7888 today!

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