As a therapeutic optometrist and optometric Glaucoma specialist, Dr. Taroyan can not only diagnose, but he can also treat Glaucoma with prescription drugs.

Glaucoma is caught in the yearly comprehensive exam.

Having been extensively trained in Ocular Pathology, Dr. Taroyan is one of the most qualified therapeutic optometrists in the area. He obtained a therapeutic license in order to treat patients with Glaucoma, utilizing a full spectrum of prescription drops and medications designed to keep the disease from taking one’s sight. With the right equipment and examination, Glaucoma is simple to test for and should not be the problem it is today. However, after all we have learned, some people still do not believe in preventative eye care until it is too late. If Glaucoma is found during your eye examination, treatment is right here at Omni Eye Care Center.

Optovue® RTVue SD-OCT

Optovue (SD-OCT) is a non-invasive high-tech diagnostic instrument used for imaging the retina and optic nerve. It has the ability to detect problems in the eye prior to any symptoms being present in the patient.