Payment Options Available at Omni Eye Care Center in Plano

Your Plano eye doctor is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best vision and eye health services possible. To make it easier for you to pay for eye exams, corrective lenses and ongoing management of eye disorders, we offer a variety of payment methods to address any issues you may have with paying for eye care services. Vision insurance, checks, credit cards and cash are all accepted at Omni Eye Care Center. In addition, we will inform you of the exact cost of examinations or treatment prior to your appointment. If you would like an itemized summary of costs incurred during your exam or treatment, we can provide that for you as well.

Vision Insurance Accepted By Your Plano Optometrist

Vision insurance helps pay the majority of expenses related to vision exams and corrective eyewear. Depending on your vision insurance plan, the costs of treating eye diseases may not be as covered as fully as vision-related services. Rest assured we have years of experience working with a variety of vision insurance agencies and can optimize your insurance plan to ensure your costs are reduced as fully as possible. We not only submit claims but assist patients who need further clarification of their vision insurance plans. Don’t hesitate to ask our Omni Eye Care Center staff for help with any vision insurance needs you may have.

What are Flexible Spending Accounts?

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) are employer-offered, elective options sometimes called “cafeteria plans”. FSAs are supplemental insurance savings plans designed specifically to help employees save pre-taxed money in one account for the purpose of paying for medical expenses not covered by insurance. Flexible spending accounts provide a simple way for employees to pay for eye examinations, eyeglasses, contact lenses and sometimes laser-assisted surgery to improve your vision or treat ocular diseases. To learn if your employer offers FSA, call your human resources department today. If you already have a flexible spending account, you most likely can use FSA funds to help pay for costs not covered by your vision insurance plan.

Omni Eye Care Center Also Offers Additional Payment Options

We completely understand that some people may not have vision insurance or flexible spending options. Because your family’s eye and vision health are a top priority with your Plano optometrist, we would be more than happy to discuss payment options before your appointment. We accept checks and major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. Don’t let paying for your vision and eye health needs prevent you from contacting us and making an appointment today.

Meet Our Plano Optometrist for Your Eye Care Needs

Learn more about our payment options and our vision and eye care services by contacting Omni Eye Care Center in Plano at (972) 985-7888.