Treating Common Eye Injuries at Omni Eye Care Center

Omni Eye Care Center is your leading Plano provider for those who’ve suffered from an eye injury. Eye injury is rather serious, and it requires professional examination. If you’ve recently injured your eye, don’t wait to talk to an optometrist. Our optometry services are here to alleviate the pain—as well as protect your vision.

Recognizing an Eye Injury

Even small eye injuries can be serious. If your eye is itching, burning or swelling, contact your optometrist immediately. You may have an eye injury if you’ve recently cut or torn your eyelid, too. If one eye doesn’t move as well as the other, deeper issues may exist.

Common Eye Injury Causes

While eye injuries can happen anywhere—and at any time—many are caused by the following things:

  • Corneal Abrasion: Corneal abrasion happens when an eye is poked, rubbed or scratched too often. It also happens when a foreign body, like dust or sand, enters the eye.
  • Swelling: If your eyes have been struck by an object, the resulting eye swelling can cause damage to the eye’s internals. In extreme cases, a subconjunctival hemorrhage can happen—resulting in internal bleeding. If this isn’t treated immediately, the bleeding can cause permanent damage.

Avoiding Eye Injury

While eye injuries can happen to anyone, you can still avoid them by taking extra precautions. Wear sunglasses or sports equipment during exercise, and try to reduce your eyes’ overall exposure to sand, dirt and dust.

If you’re outside, take care around construction sites and areas with floating debris. It’s also a good idea to apply eye drops every morning—as dry eyes tend to be less protected from these harmful materials.

Contact Omni Eye Care Center for Proper Eye Care

If you’ve suffered from an eye injury, contact Omni Eye Care Center today at (972) 985-7888. We’re here to restore your eyes to their proper health. We love our Plano residents, and we’re constantly working to make sure their health and wellness comes first with innovative optometry solutions.

We keep an eye on the future, and we’re dedicated to making sure our patients have constant support. Once we’ve helped you with your immediate eye injury, we’ll help you maintain ongoing health. Call us today to get a comprehensive vision test, and learn more about our wonderful options available to our patients.