Contact Lens Exams from Our Plano, Texas Optometrist

Once upon a time, contacts lenses were an expensive, uncomfortable form of vision correction worn only by a select few. Today, however, contact lenses seem to be everywhere. But even with all the advances in contact lens design and materials, it’s still crucial that your contacts fit you perfectly and support any special issues or conditions your eyes may present — starting with a contact lens exam from our Plano, Texas optometrist at Omni Eye Care Center.

The Purpose of Contact Lens Exams

If you were only going to get eyeglasses to correct a refractive error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia, then a regular vision exam would yield all the data we need to create lenses that do the job beautifully. But contact lenses pose some extra difficulties because they are actually worn on the corneas, just simply perched on the face. This means we must take painstaking additional measurements of your pupils, corneas and irises to make sure your contacts sit on your eyes safely and comfortably.

Omni Eye Care is the natural choice for your contact lens exams. Our Plano, Texas optometrist, Dr. Taroyan, has amassed an unparalleled depth of experience in over 25 years of improving patients’ vision.  In addition to calculating the curvature of your corneas with a refractive technique called keratometry, Dr. Taroyan can also use corneal mapping technology to note every tiny aberration in that curvature.

Some eyes are harder to fit for contacts than others. For instance, you might have keratoconus, an abnormal bulging of the corneas that can’t easily be corrected with ordinary soft contacts. Severe myopia, astigmatism or other issues may also require specialized lenses. Soft contacts also tend to collect proteins over time, a problem that can cause giant papillary conjunctivitis in certain people. Dry eye is yet another complicating factor. We will discuss these factors along with your preferred lens wear routine. If you don’t want to wake up to blurry vision, for instance, you may want extended-wear that be worn overnight; on the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with cleaning and maintenance, you may be happier (and safer) with single-use disposable lenses. These and other questions are all addressed during our contact lens exams in Plano.

Selecting the Ideal Lenses for Your Needs

Whatever kind of contacts you choose during your contact lens exam, Omni Eye Care Center is happy to oblige. We offer:

  • Soft contacts (including disposable contacts) for optimal convenience and comfort
  • Rigid gas permeable contacts that correct even severe vision problems
  • Scleral contacts that compensate the abnormalities of keratoconus
  • Toric contacts for superior astigmatism correction
  • Multifocal contacts for presbyopia

The Place to Go for Contact Lens Exams in Plano

We’re the place to go for contact lens exams in Plano! Contact Omni Eye Care Center at (972) 985-7888 to schedule your contact lens exam so we can help you enjoy the best contact lenses you’ve ever worn.