Causes and Treatment of Dry Eyes with Omni Eye Care Center

Plano, TX has a warm, dry environment, making the perfect combination for dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome happens to a lot of people and can be very irritating, but the right optometry services can alleviate its symptoms. Dr. Taroyan at Omni Eye Care Center is here to help you spot dry eye syndrome as soon as it occurs, giving you the comfort and visibility needed to go about your day.

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is caused by the eye’s lacking lubrication. Your eye’s surface needs to be moist to function. Your lifestyle and environment can contribute to dry eye syndrome. Still, the most common causes of dry eye syndrome are the following:

Inadequate Tears

Tears are created by your eyelid’s glands. Tear production lowers with age, and some medicines can contribute to it. Meanwhile, high winds, dry areas and hot seasons can reduce your eye’s overall amount of tears. When you’re not producing a regular amount of tears, the tears which do exist will evaporate quickly—leaving the eyes dry.

Poor Tear Quality

Sometimes, the consistency of your tears can contribute to dry eyes. Your tears are made of three layers: oil, water, and mucous. Each layer nourishes and protects your eye’s front surface. While the smooth oil tear layer prevents water evaporation from your eye, the mucous layer spreads the eyes tears evenly. If any of these layers isn’t sufficient, your tears may not be spread across the eyes correctly and contribute to tear evaporation.

Other Factors

Dry eyes can also be caused by age. In fact, many people over age 65 experience dry eyes. In addition, medications such as decongestants, antihistamines and antidepressants can reduce tear production. If you’re exposed to wind, smoke or dry environments often, you’re also more likely to experience dry eyes.

Dry Eye Treatment Options

It’s a good idea to schedule regular eye exams to target dry eye symptoms. Dry eyes are diagnosed through comprehensive testing. This testing focuses on the quantity and quality of your tears.

Meanwhile, treatment options are based upon your individual experience. In many cases, your optometry provider will suggest purchasing artificial tear solutions. These conserve your eye’s natural tears, reducing inflammation. Prescribed teardrops which increase tear production can also help.

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