Omni Eye Care Center Offers Care for Eye Emergencies in Plano

Your optometrist is a partner in keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear throughout your life. Health experts recommend regular exams to ensure good vision, but eye emergencies can also occur that require the specialized knowledge and training your optometrist can provide. At Omni Eye Care Center in Plano, TX, we provide full-service vision care, including treatment for eye emergencies.

Protecting Your Eyes and Vision

Good vision is an important part of your general health. The steps you take to take care of your eyes and preserve your vision can pay off in clear sight well into your later years. Regular exams will ensure you see clearly for work and play, but it can also detect early signs of eye disease that can rob you of your vision. When an eye injury occurs, you should get immediate treatment to minimize damage. Your Plano optometrist can help you take care of your eyes, whenever you need treatment.

Help For Your Emergency Eye Care

An eye emergency can occur at any time. Individuals may receive a blow to the eye during athletic activities or in an accident. You may develop an eye infection that affects your vision. A foreign object can lodge in the eye, or you may experience a sudden vision problem. You may be splashed in the eyes with a toxic chemical. These issues need immediate care by an eye professional. Omni Eye Care Center offers professional evaluation and treatment of eye emergencies and can ensure you receive the care you need.

Omni Eye Care Center Offers A Range of Services For Good Vision and Eye Health

At Omni Eye Care Center, we can provide vision care services for all stages of life. Examinations, pediatric vision care, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, pre- and post-LASIK surgery consultation and management of eye disease are all part of the services we offer our patients in Plano. Dr. Taroyan can also help with dry eye problems, eye allergies, and emergency eye care when you need it.

Make Omni Eye Care Center Your Optometrist in Plano, TX

Dr. Taroyan and his team at Omni Eye Care Center use their knowledge and experience to ensure their patients in Plano, TX and surrounding area maintain good vision and healthy eyes at every stage of life. We offer individualized care to suit your unique needs with a range of services. Call Omni Eye Care Center today at (972) 985-7888 to make an appointment for an eye exam and to learn about the best ways to protect your eyes and your vision.