If you wear glasses, you know how critical they are to your life. You need them to go about your everyday tasks, for driving, for work duties, for recreational pursuits. When your eyeglasses break or lose their effectiveness, you want a broad choice of eyeglass frames that allow you to choose your look for the next phase of your life.

At Omni Eye Care Center, we understand the importance of your eyeglasses. We can provide precision lenses to allow you to see your best and frames that suit your individual tastes.

Eyeglasses Are More Than Just Better Vision

Today’s eyeglasses are made to hold up under the usual taxing everyday conditions. Glasses are often set down, picked up, placed in pockets, put on top of the head, knocked off nightstands and are subject to a variety of other actions. They generally withstand these situations well, but eventually, you will need a replacement.

Getting a new pair of eyeglasses gives individuals a chance to change their look and express another aspect of their personalities.

Eyeglass Options for All Your Needs

You may require additional features from your glasses, beyond good vision and durability. You may want flexible polycarbonate frames, darkening lenses or progressive bifocals. Maybe you desire a pair of prescription sunglasses or sports eyewear that provides good vision under special conditions.

We can provide a broad range of options for all your eyeglass needs. When choosing eyeglasses, you should also consider a number of other factors, such as the shape of your face, face size and natural coloring.

Choosing the Right Frames

Eyeglass frames should contrast with the shape of your face. They should not overwhelm or underwhelm the size of your face but should provide a pleasant balance. The frame color should emphasize your best feature, such as the color of your eyes. Take some time to try on a variety of eyeglass styles. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different. You may find that an entirely different styling adds a new dimension to your look. Chances are, you will wear your eyeglasses for a year or two, so they should provide a good appearance, as well as suit your vision needs.

Designer Eyewear to Help You Look Your Best

Individuals who wear glasses in Plano often choose designer frames that provide modern, sophisticated styling. We offer a variety of name brand frames, including Brooks Brothers, Emporio Armani, Kazuo Kawasaki, Prada, Ray Ban, DKNY and more. Our trained staff can help you to choose a frame that is perfect for your face shape and coloring.

Let Omni Eye Care Center Be Your Optometrist for Glasses in Plano

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