Prescription Glasses FAQ’s in Plano, TX

Most of the patients who come into our office are looking for prescription glasses in Plano. At Omni Eye Care Center, our first job is to help our patients see well, whether they’re men, women, or children. If this is the first time you’re coming in to get prescription eyeglasses, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Here are some of the more common ones we hear:

Why Can’t I Just Use Drugstore Reading Glasses?

Some people with mild forms of nearsightedness do fine with common reading glasses, but not many people fit into that category. If you have astigmatism, farsightedness, different prescriptions in each eye, or eyes that are farther apart or closer than normal, generic reading glasses won’t help you see better. The only way to correct your vision and see normally is by having a professional optometrist test your eyesight and prescribe the correct eyeglasses for you.

In addition, a comprehensive eye exam, like the one we give to all of our patients, is the only way to detect silent eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. These diseases can develop and grow in your eyes for years before you notice any symptoms, at which point permanent eye damage could already have been done. Early detection is the key to treatment and, sometimes, a cure.

How Can I Avoid Reflections and Glare on My Lenses?

Glare on your eyeglasses can cause eyestrain and make it difficult to see. We offer a simple coating called AR coating, which prevents the glare from ever happening. It’s a simple procedure that adds coating when your eyeglasses are made.

How Often Do I Need New Eyeglasses?

Prescription changes vary from person to person. Some people’s eyes stay the same for years, while others change every year or two. This is why it’s important to have regular eye examinations. Your eye doctor will tell you when your prescription has changed enough to need new eyeglasses. You may not have noticed the change, but you will once you have your new glasses on.

How Can I Find Eyeglasses That My Child Will Really Wear?

It can be tough getting your kids used to wearing glasses every day. Every parent who’s dealt with the situation has had this problem. One tip we’ve found that works a lot of the time is to let your child pick out his/her own frames. If they fall in love with the bright purple frames or the round Harry Potter style, they’re more likely to want to wear them every day.

Looking for an Optometrist in the Plano Area?

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