ZEISS Progressive Lenses in Plano, TX

At Omni Eye Care Center, a key component of our service is to provide each of our patients with the most advanced care possible. When you come into getting eyeglasses in Plano, you expect to walk out with the best possible vision. We can do that for you. That’s because we offer ZEISS progressive lenses. This is a cutting-edge type of lens that can transform the way you see, improving your vision and your comfort level. If you believe you need a new prescription, now is the time to visit our team to get eyeglass lenses in Plano.

What Are ZEISS Progressive Lenses?

What ZEISS progressive lenses do is provide you with the optimum level of vision support available. It allows you to see near and far with the best possible vision and clarity. That’s because these lenses are designed to fit you, specifically. They are tailor-made just for you, in fact. This offers several key benefits.

  • You will enjoy wearing your glasses. In fact, many people report a greater wearer tolerance overly without tired, worn-out eyes.
  • You will adapt faster to the environment you’re in even when you are moving from place to place fast.
  • You will have all-around clear, crisp vision.

Why should you be excited about having these progressive lenses available to you? Simply, all of those things you hate about wearing glasses are wiped out with this more advanced product.

How Does ZEISS Progressive Lenses Work?

When you come into seeing your Plano optometrist, we’ll talk about your vision needs. Our goal is always to help you have the best level of eye care possible. After you have your eye exam, we’ll know better if these eyeglasses are right for you.

If so, we’ll use our computer technology that assists in the design of your new glasses. ZEISS works by mapping out your eyes very accurately and in a detailed fashion. This is done all by computer technology. It measures visual performance in an in-depth manner so as to create custom-fitted lenses to you. We place these lenses into the frames you select. What makes the lenses more unique is that the intermediate and distance zones of your lenses are all incorporated into a single lens. This allows for smooth transitions.

The frames themselves are customized to fit your face. Because the frames and lenses are so customized, you feel better wearing them. You’re comfortable. They stay in place. No matter what you do or what your visual habits are, these progressive lenses deliver.

Visit Us for Eyeglasses in Plano That Go the Distance

Take advantage of ZEISS progressive lenses. Schedule an eye exam in Plano to get started. Our trusted team is here to help you. With the most advanced eyeglasses in Plano, you can depend on Omni Eye Care Center to be there for any eye needs you may have. Come learn more. Contact us for an appointment to get started at 972-985-7888.