Omni Eye Care Center for LASIK Pre- & Post-Surgery Consultation in Plano

The decision to get LASIK eye surgery is an important decision you should make in consultation with your Plano optometrist. Your local Plano eye doctor can ensure the structures of your eyes are healthy and that surgery will provide sufficient correction to allow you to enjoy clear vision without glasses.

If any problem is present, your optometrist in Plano can provide treatment to ensure the success of your surgery. After surgery, our Plano optometrist ensures healing is proceeding normally and that your vision is at optimum levels.

LASIK Surgery for Vision without Glasses

Millions of people have undergone LASIK vision correction surgery to allow them to see clearly without eyeglasses. The procedure involves making a small incision on the cornea in order to reshape the surface. This change in shape is what allows the eye to have better vision. The procedure is painless and only takes about 30 minutes per eye. Recovery is usually less than 24 hours. The patient is required to have their eyes checked the next day to ensure proper healing of the incision.

Before Your LASIK Surgery

A consultation with your family Plano eye doctor is recommended before LASIK surgery. At this visit, the Plano optometrist will determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Our eye doctor will then determine your current correction prescription and evaluate the health of your eyes, including a thorough inspection of the internal structures of the eyes.

Our Plano optometrist will do a corneal topography measurement to ensure the procedure can be done safely. Wavefront and higher-order aberrations are noted to determine if a custom LASIK procedure should be used. Examination of tear production will also be done to prevent dry eye problems after surgery. Finally, our Omni Eye Care Center optometrist will examine the eyelids to ensure there is no infection or growths that would complicate surgery.

After Your LASIK Surgery

An individual’s vision may fluctuate for several months after LASIK eye surgery. Your Plano eye doctor can monitor the progress of your vision as healing progresses. Some people experience haloes, blurring or difficulty with night driving after LASIK surgery. Our Plano optometrist will ensure these problems are not due to problems with healing and can reassure you that the symptoms are temporary.

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