The Benefits of ZEISS lenses

Wearing eyeglasses in Plano is fairly common, but the eyes behind those lenses are far from the same. While one person may have straightforward vision issues, such as a bit of nearsightedness or farsightedness, someone else may be struggling from both conditions. Some have trouble using their phones or handheld devices, or with switching back and forth between computer work and paper work. Not only is there a lot of variance when it comes to individual eyeglass prescriptions, but there is also a lot of variance when it comes to how each person uses their eyes. Until recently, there hasn’t been a lot of emphasis put on customizing eyeglasses to both a person’s vision limitations and their lifestyle. The arrival of ZEISS lenses in Plano is changing that.

What are ZEISS Lenses in Plano?

ZEISS lenses are a type of high high specialty lenses that are only available from select eye clinics, including Omni Eye Care Center in Plano, TX.  An exam goes deeper than a traditional eye glass exam because extra care is taken to make sure that the lenses will work properly in various real life situations.

Finding the Right Type of ZEISS Eyeglasses in Plano

In order to figure out what type of ZEISS lenses will work best for you, your optometrist at Omni Eye Care Center will work with you to create a “My Vision Profile” once this is created, your glasses can be made with the features you need in order to have highly functional vision with your glasses based on your lifestyle. Types of ZEISS lenses include

  • Single Vision lenses – Deals with problems associated with nearsightedness or farsightedness in a straightforward way.
  • Digital Lenses – Lenses designed to address the needs of those who spend a lot of time with their eyes fixated on screens in order to limit eye strain.
  • Progressive lenses designed to provide clear vision at any distance. With the help of computer technology, lenses are fitted to your frames to allow smooth transitions whether you need to see close up, far away, or somewhere in between.
  • Workplace lenses for close and intermediate distances
  • DriveSafe Lenses optimized for driving and the change of focus between the road and dashboard. They are also optimized to handle vision challenges that occur at night or during poor weather. They are also less reflective than other lenses.
  • Sunglass lenses –  Address issues such as proper UV protection, color and contrast, and glare, while paying attention to fashion preferences as well.
  • Sports lenses – lightweight lenses that are curved and tinted to give you the best vision while participating in your favorite sport.

Generic eye glasses in Plano may be something you can make work, but the ability to customize your glasses to fit better with your lifestyle is a potential game changer. To learn more about ZEISS lenses in Plano contact Omni Eye Care Center at 972-985-7888 to schedule an appointment.

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