The Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Despite what you might think, choosing between contacts and glasses doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. In fact, it can be as easy as understanding your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences. Here at Omni Eye Care Center in Plano, our skilled optometrist can help walk you through all the options, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


For people with sensitive eyes or anxiety about eye touching, glasses allow you to correct your vision without any direct contact. In addition, since glasses sit away from eyes, they won’t cause or exacerbate irritation or dryness. If budget is an issue, they are also the cheaper option and represent a one-time purchase. If safety is a concern, glasses shield the eyes against environmental hazards like wind and debris, and for those who prefer self-expression, they come in many fresh colors and styles.

Contact Lenses

An active lifestyle is easily accommodated with contact lenses since they won’t interfere with sports. More care must be taken to ensure comfort and endurance, however, and daily cleaning protects against infection. Depending on the type, sleeping in them regularly can cause irritation, so remember to keep your nighttime routine in mind when discussing options with your optometrist. Since contact lenses require direct application onto the eye, their placement can take practice but means there is no obstruction to your field of view.

What About Having Both?

Contact lenses and eyeglasses allow you to enjoy various aspects of daily life, and many choose the convenience of having both options at their disposal. Whether eyes need a break from contacts or an ensemble demands glasses to complete the look, having two ways to see clearer has never been easier.

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